Client: REEB Cycles

Monarch Crest, Colorado / Boulder Colorado

REEB Cycles is a handbuilt bike company based in Lyons, CO. This small outfit is owned by Dale Katechis, former owner of Oskar Blues, (who is the namesake behind that brand’s flagship beer, Dale’s Pale Ale). REEB brags a chill approach and lifestyle to their American-built bike frames: Drink beer and ride your bike. 

The SST was released in October ’22, and we had the opportunity to work alongside videographer Tory Powers to produce a shoot on the Monarch Crest Trail located in Southern Colorado. The shoot was based around using the SST in its natural state, on a high alpine big back country day.

As part of the photography portion of this project, we provided studio shots of the bike with Atmosphere powder coat.

The content was distributed to media outlets as well as used on REEBs social media and website.