Client: Adidas (Five-Ten) X KHS Bicycles

Virgin, Utah

Description of Project:

After first meeting pro mountain biker Luke Whitlock during the filming of Cam Zink’s X-Games RealMTB for ESPN, James and Luke hit it off and immediately planned on working together. After a year or so of discussing ideas, James brought onboard videographer Tory Powers who rounded out the team. 

Luke’s vision was that of a rough and rowdy freeride edit that paid homage to the videos he grew up watching, such as the New World Disorder series produced by Freeride Entertainment. 

The trio spent 4 days filming in the desert outside of Virgin, Utah. Tory was responsible for the filming portion, James provided imagery and a writeup on the project. 

Images and writeup was published by PinkBike, along with distribution of the edit. The project was very well received by the bike industry and provided Luke a spotlight on the main stage.