Project supported by Cannondale Bikes and EVOC

San Juan, Costa Rica

Description of Project:

This project came about through a number of years of conversations between Kera Linn and myself. It stemmed from my frustration of social media and how it provides you with content through a fire hose in a very specific aspect ratio and the algorithms tell you what you see, so we never get the chance to slow down and study an image. The following is the main pitch to Cannondale – Kera’s bike sponsor, looking for them to partner with us on this project. 

In this day and age we find ourselves somewhat brainlessly entertained and engaged from the visual stimulation of watching a video, whether its an edit of the worlds best mountain bikers creating poetry in motion down a cliff face in Utah, or it’s a video of a cat after getting into the catnip, we will all stare blindly at the moving pictures. However, when a viewer is presented with that still image, one where the light hits the subject perfect, the temperature of the image is a beautiful red hue from the burning sky created by the sun setting to the west, when they see the elbows up, the riders eyes focused on the goal and the stance is emasculate. That image will stop any human that calls themselves a mountain biker dead in their tracks. In this 2-3 minute edit we will present a collaboration of video and stills telling the story of what it takes to get that image, with a heavy dose of epic riding in one of the most beautiful trail systems in Costa Rica. 

Below is a link to the YouTube video produced followed by some of the images grabbed. The video was filmed and edited by Carson Fletcher @ninefivemtb